Learning Plan

Using your child's interests, I will create a "learning plan," which will consist of 10 activities and songs to help build their knowledge, creativity, and skill level. I am happy to add on more activities, at $10/ 8 activities. These activities will be mostly open-ended, and I will do my best to limit them to common household items.


Meal Plan

I will create  a nutritious meal plan for your child, as well as tips on how to raise an intuitive eater! I will follow the Canada Food Guide Recommendations. This includes a video consult (so I can learn what types of food your child likes!) and a written meal plan.


Short Term Behavioral Support

I will work with you to create a care plan with techniques to support your child's challenging behaviors and emotions (anxiety, social skills, hitting, etc). This includes one 30(ish) minute video chat, a written care plan, and a check in (either by video or email) one month later. The care plan will include tips on how to communicate with your child, specific instructions on what to do in certain situations, and some coping skills to teach them (and yourself!). If you don't have time for a video chat, I'm happy to communicate via text or email.


Long Term Behavioral Support/ Learning Plans

We will start off with a video chat (I prefer not to set a time limit, as every situation is unique, but approx 30 mins-1 hour). After the video chat, I will email you a written plan of ideas and strategies on how to best support your child. This can either be behavioral support or a learning plan. We will have weekly video meetings OR chat over text/ email, so that I can stay up to date on how things are going and update the plan, so that we can continue to move forward. We can also use these sessions as support for YOU, because I know how difficult it can be dealing with undesirable behaviors. Sometimes, it's just helpful to have someone to listen and be there for you, and I love being able to do that. 

$550 for 3 months

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